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Welcome to Fun Fearless Females!

Fun Fearless Females is a registered business in the greater Guelph, ON community. 

The June SESSION of Ladies Nights is now open for registration!

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About FFF

Fun Fearless Females (FFF) strives to support all individuals to lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives in all areas of health and wellness. For information on the services FFF provides please click here.

About the Owner & Founder

It started out as an interest, pure curiosity and a desire to understand and advocate for those with unique needs, and has since grown into a passion for facilitating the optimal health and wellness of all individuals! Owner and Founder Lori McConnell brings several years experience in the field of developmental disabilities to the business, a Diploma in Educational Assistant and Certificate in American Sign Language; and is now a Holistic Nutritionist as well. Clearly education is a lifelong pursuit to her! When she's not studying or trying to get people to be active and eat kale, she likes to snuggle up at home with her two fur babies Lucy & Sophie.

Client Testimonies

"Lori is an amazing support for our family. She works independently with our daughter Jessica to develop new skills, increase her independence and assist her in becoming more involved in a meaningful way in her community in Guelph.

Our whole family trusts Lori wholeheartedly and she genuinely cares about Jessica's happiness and progress while advocating for her with respect and kindness in a professional, supportive and mature manner.

Lori also has a weekly Ladies Night program that is fantastic! It is like being invited to a party every weekend; what could be better than that?! Everyone is excited to see you and everyone is your friend. The environment Lori creates for the ladies is one of caring and sharing and all the adventures and activities are healthy and fun. The ladies all really look forward to Friday nights!

Thank you Lori for being such a responsible, educated, knowledgeable, warm and caring support for our family. We all appreciate you and value the exceptional services you offer; you genuinely enrich our lives."

- Tracy

"This has been the most amazing program for our daughter Hayley who has had the opportunity to participate the past year! FFF, as she calls it, has helped her meet great friends, have fun in different social settings and is encouraging her along to grow with her Independence. Lori has been so creative in making every Friday night unique, exciting for the girls and an uplifting experience. She is truly an inspiration, leader, mentor and great friend! Thank you Lori for being there for our young ladies and giving them this wonderful experience!"

(Ladies Night Program)

- Patricia

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